Everyone encounters challenges and new situations in life. We all want to meet these challenges with confidence, and hope to have acquired the necessary skills along the way to do so. Occasionally, however, we find that the tools that once worked for us no longer do. We may then feel frustrated, unsure of ourselves and have difficulty moving forward. These very challenges, however, help us grow, develop a greater awareness of ourselves and others, and empower us to make good choices. A caring and experienced therapist can help with these challenges…”

  • Together we can identify self-defeating behavior patterns and replace them with positive solutions.
  • With a new self-awareness we can learn effective styles of communication.
  • With a new understanding we may enhance our relationships with our loved ones.
  • With greater confidence we may seek a more direct and clear path for achieving our goals.
  • With enhanced coping skills we will be better able to deal with loss and grief.
  • Whatever your needs, we are here to help.